Commercial Invoice Templates

If you have only just started shipping goods abroad then it is a good idea to download one of the many excellent commercial invoice templates available on the internet. A commercial invoice is much like any other invoice except for the fact that it has to contain certain information that is not required on domestic invoices. Commercial invoice templates are documents of foreign trade and the information contained within them is designed for the specific purpose of exporting goods to other countries.

Historically, there has always been trade between different territories, however, the rise of the nation state meant that governments were more inclined to protect the needs of their own people, and sometimes that meant restrictions on trade from abroad. By the mid eighteen hundreds the UK had become very keen on what is referred to as free trade and has always been a much more prominent feature of some western countries, while others are more protective. International trade has been regulated by the World Trade Organisation since the Second World War and a globally recognised international trade regulation structure now exists while promoting free trade.

Commercial invoice templates are meant to hold all the information that is required under international trade regulations. Once you have downloaded your invoice template it will need to contain your company name as the exporter and the name of the shipping company your goods will be travelling with. Trade regulations also dictate that the name of the product and the country in which it was manufactured is listed on the invoice along with internationally agreed codes for specific products.

Types of commercial invoice templates

The style of commercial invoice templates is immaterial, providing you have the space to record all the information that is required when you are shipping goods abroad. Completed commercial invoice templates also need to contain a signature and a statement that the invoice is correct. Your invoice acts as a customs declaration from you and unless the invoice is with your goods when it arrives at its destination, your goods will not be allowed into the country. Providing your invoice is with the goods that are shipped, when it reaches customs the customs' personnel will use the product codes to create how much tariff or duty should be paid on the goods that you have exported. Commercial invoice templates are easy to find on the internet and some versions of Microsoft Word may also contain such templates.

Download a commercial invoice template

Commercial invoice templates are usually free to download, some are more specifically suited to the type of information that needs to be included than others. You should look for a template that you are happy with and that will fulfill the requirements laid out by the World Trade Organisation. Providing you make sure that you include all the requisite information on your invoice, you should have no trouble when you are shipping goods abroad. Apart from the specific information required on a commercial invoice, and the higher cost of trading goods abroad, there is not much difference between foreign trade and domestic trade.