Commercial Invoice Sample

If you look at any commercial invoice sample you will find that quite a lot of information is required. When you fill out the form you also need to include how many packages go to make up your shipment and what your fee and method of payment are going to be. A shipping invoice needs to be quite detailed as you can just abut see from the commercial invoice sample opposite.

It often helps for people who are new to shipping their goods abroad to see a commercial invoice sample. Even though the sample does not contain all of the information that it would need, it is still quite detailed. The exhaustive nature of the information that needs to be entered into a commercial invoice is reflective of the importance of this particular document. A commercial invoice is regarded by many as one of the more important documents that relate to international trade. Without the working within the confines of a system that is virtually controlled by your commercial invoice, international trade might very well be non-existent.

Trading from country to country

Since the end of the Second World War in particular western countries like the United Kingdom, have pushed forward with the notion of free trade. Because countries can so easily fall out, unfettered coming and going from one country to another is not a viable option. The World Trade Organisation was brought into being to deal with the issues surrounding the question of foreign trade. Many countries welcome the ideal of free trade but in order for any kind of trade to really work, there have to be regulations governing the process.

What information do I need on a commercial invoice

It is all very well just to look at a commercial invoice sample, but you may very well need to give you an idea of where to start in your own shipping business. A shipping invoice needs to give the name of the exporter and of the shipper, there should be a description of the product and a note made of the country in which it was manufactured. Your product will be signed a number that is one of an internationally agreed system of digits. You may see that extra information is needed when you look at a commercial invoice sample, but the above information is a requirement if you want to trade abroad. You have to have two copies of an invoice like the commercial invoice sample above. One copy goes in with your shipment to be handed to the customs officers as a declaration, and the second copy of your invoice should be attached to the lading bale.

Unless you have the right documentation as in the commercial invoice sample, neither you nor your goods will be allowed into the country. Customs will want your commercial invoice if they are to calculate the tariffs or duty you need to pay for your goods to enter the country. An invoice, like the commercial invoice sample above is the difference between being able to deal in overseas trade, and only being able to trade in your home country.